At Sunniva Clothing, we are determined to help end the fast-fashion industry, and we are here to help you fill your closet with the cutest, durable and quality items without harming the environment. Ryah, Sunniva Clothing's owner and founder, has made it her life's goal to help as many people as possible make the switch over to local and ethical shops to further help the environment. 

Sunniva's vendors are thoroughly looked through and communicated with as we are committed to only providing ethically made clothing that does not contribute to unfair labor and work practices. Our items are all either USA made, or imported from small owned shops & manufacturers overseas (mom and pop businesses). Most of our items are also made up of recycled materials, bamboo fabrics, and organic cotton; all made to last you years of wear! The items you get from Sunniva Clothing will be in your closet for as long as you let them.

At Sunniva, we are trying our hardest to be as inclusive as possible and will be introducing plus sizes very soon. Since Sunniva Clothing is also still a small business, we are limited to what we can currently include, but hope to incorporate as many plus size styles as possible!  

For more information about any of the products or transparency of the company, contact me (Ryah)! I'd love to hear from you!